Transportation | Intsikurmu



If you are arriving by car, we offer free parking in our parking area. Please note that the parking area is without surveillance. While driving into the parking area we urge you to be patient and follow the signs for guidance. There will also be a parking attendant to help you. Parking spaces in the parking area are limited, which is why it is best (and more fun!) to carpool with friends, so that all cars could fit into the parking area.



Join the festival vibe and hitch a ride with like-minded festival goers! Connect with fellow attendees in our Facebook group, “Intsikurmu Festivali hõimkond” (Intsikurmu Festival Tribe). It’s the perfect way to share the excitement, plan your trip together, and make new friends along the way!


Public transportation

Getting to Põlva via public transportation will include a train or a bus. Information regarding when bicycles are allowed on trains can be seen on the Elron web page. We advise purchasing a train ticket in advance, because the Estonians’ love for trains also expands to the trains headed to Põlva.