Children’s program


Welcome to Intsikurmu’s Children’s Program called Lastekurmu, the magical realm created for all children—past, present, and future—in the enchanting embrace of Intsikurmu festival. Here, a wondrous fusion of positive thoughts, boundless creativity, and the liberating spirit of play awaits.

Oscar Wilde once wisely remarked, “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” And indeed, that is precisely the essence of Lastekurmu. A festival entirely devoted to children, nestled within the grand Intsikurmu festival, it is a captivating wonderland where young and old, big and small, come together to revel in a world of boundless possibilities. With an array of workshops, captivating theater performances, pinecone-fueled whimsy, nature-inspired crafts, and games that find their home only amidst the bosom of the forest, Lastekurmu casts its spell.

Imagine a fairytale landscape crafted from ancient tree stumps, adorned with moss, branches, and the fragrant essence of the woods—an idyllic tapestry where stories spring to life, destined to be cherished for years to come.

In a time when children’s play too often succumbs to screens and structured settings, Lastekurmu stands apart. In this verdant haven, inflatable trampolines find no place; they remain in homes or standard playrooms. Instead, within the forest park’s embrace, children jump with joy when their hearts desire, free from the constraints of passive amusement. Here, patience for sitting still surrenders to the joy of exploration, the thrill of discovery, the exuberance of running and hiding, and the unbridled elation of play.

So come, venture into Lastekurmu, where laughter echoes among the trees and happiness blossoms like wildflowers. It is a place where memories are woven, where friendships are forged, and where the spirit of childhood dances joyfully among the wonders of the woods.


“Suvesõber” (eng. Summer’s Friend) is a delightful theatrical production created exclusively for our young theater aficionados. In this enchanting tale, the protagonist embarks on an exciting journey through the seasons, seeking to reunite with a forgotten friend amidst the warmth of summer. Along the way, they encounter a charming array of characters, each inviting the children to partake in playful and musical activities that spark their imagination. Framed by the ever-changing cycle of seasons, the play introduces the young audience to the wonders of each time of the year. The captivating music blends cherished traditions with the original compositions of the talented Karolin Saariste.

Conceived by the imaginative mind of Karolin Saariste, “Suvesõber” comes to life through the skillful direction and technical execution of Ragne Veensalu and Karolin Saariste themselves. On stage, the talented duo of Ragne Veensalu and Karolin Saariste ensures an unforgettable performance that captivates the hearts of children and parents alike.

Perfectly suited for ages 3 to 8, this delightful production takes the young audience on a 30-minute adventure filled with wonder, joy, and the magic of the seasons.

Polina Tšerkassova

Polina Tšerkassova is a captivating anthropologist, musician, and storyteller. For over 10 years, she has intertwined true-life stories and fairytales from distant lands, performing them on rare instruments. With a focus on the impact of stories and sounds on people, she preserves oral traditions while embracing modern storytelling techniques. Polina’s performances bridge cultures, taking audiences on an enchanting journey through music and captivating narratives. Her talent and passion for storytelling continue to inspire and connect people through the power of shared tales and melodies.


Lolala is a heartwarming family endeavor brought to life by Anna Kuchinsky and Arian Levin. Their beautiful journey started in December 2019 when their first child was just six months old. Born into a family of musicians and singers, they noticed the lack of original children’s songs in their repertoire. Driven by their abundant skills and experiences, they took it upon themselves to craft songs for their little one. Little did they know that their creations would soon capture the hearts of countless other parents searching for new children’s music. Thus, Lolala’s enchanting adventure began, and today their songs have been streamed over 12.5 million times on the vast expanse of the internet!

Lolala is not just a duo; it’s a whole family band! Alongside Anna and Arian, their two precious children play vital roles. Four-year-old Lola lends her sweet voice to the melodies, while one-and-a-half-year-old Ella gleefully serves as the song tester and dances to the beat. Together, they form an irresistible team, crafting new, uncomplicated, and educational children’s songs in the Estonian language. Their repertoire sparkles with cheerful tunes that become cherished companions in children’s daily lives, making their journey of exploration and discovery a joyful and playful experience.

Lolala’s performances are a captivating treat, featuring songs from their latest album and all-time children’s favorites. The experience is a celebration of music and movement, inviting children to sing, dance, and revel in the magic of Lolala’s musical world.

Creativity Workshop

Join us on Friday, August 4th, as we kick off the Children’s Program with an exciting creativity workshop “Children’s Adornment: Getting Festival-Ready”! Let’s add a touch of glamour and playfulness to your hair, face, and nails with shimmering colours. We’ll also create adorable braids and decorate with delightful sticker tattoos. Best part? All the materials we use are safe and easily washable, so you can freely unleash your imagination and creativity!

Creativity Tech Workshop

Get ready to shine at the evening party with our “LED Light Character” workshop! Be the star of the show with our special masks adorned with LED light strips. We’ll teach you how to cut and attach the LED strips to the mask, and for those daring to try, we’ll guide you through connecting them with batteries using soldering. Safety is our top priority, and our expert guidance will make sure everything runs smoothly. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore your creative side while having a blast with technology!

papermaking workshop

Join us for a captivating handmade papermaking workshop using recycled cotton rags! All ages are welcome to explore the simple techniques of papermaking taught at Typa – a renowned printing and paper art center in Tartu, led by Saulė Poškutė. You’ll have the opportunity to embellish your creations with decorative elements, making each sheet extra special. The workshop will take place on Saturday.



15:00 Creativity Workshop: “Children’s Adornment: Getting Festival-Ready”

16:00 Polina Tšerkassova*

17:00 Lolala*

18:30 Wanderer Theatre Vaba Vanker: “Summer’s Friend”*

19:30 Polina Tšerkassova*


15:00 Wanderer Theatre Vaba Vanker: “Summer’s Friend”*

Papermaking workshop

16:30 Polina Tšerkassova*

18:30 Wanderer Theatre Vaba Vanker: “Summer’s Friend”*

20:30 Creativity Tech Workshop: “LED Light Character”

*This part of the Children’s Program is in Estonian