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Forest Cinema

In this year’s cinema program, the central theme revolves around “Freedom.” Through an engaging selection of full-length feature and documentary films, we will explore the multifaceted aspects of this fundamental concept that has become an integral part of our lives. After all, who doesn’t aspire to experience true freedom?

Throughout the screenings, we’ll delve into the profound notion of a free mind and ponder whether freedom knows any bounds. Is limited freedom genuinely liberating, or is true freedom boundless and unrestricted? These are the intriguing questions we will seek to answer.

The film program, thoughtfully curated by Raigo Saariste, aims to reveal that freedom can be discovered in the most unexpected and unusual places. It often appears elusive yet profoundly desirable. Intsikurmu’s cinema lineup this year accentuates freedom as an internal value, with each seeker bearing personal responsibility for its manifestation.

The cinematic journey doesn’t stop there. Our collaboration with the Viljandi Rütmifestival will further elevate the experience by hosting jam sessions alongside silent films, featuring performances by the talented musicians gracing the festival.


Liberation Day (2016)

Vulfpeck: Live at Madison Square Garden (2019)
Director: Vulfpeck

Knockin` on Heaven’s Door (1997)

The Lost Horizon (1937)

CODA (2021)

They Live (1988)

See you at the Forest Cinema!