Group pass

A trilogy takes you to the cinema, but a quintet takes you to Intsikurmu

Two is a pair, three is company, but five is a group, and to those going to Intsikurmu festival in a group of five, we present the group pass! The group pass provides a friendlier admission fee to the festival for five people in one go. Every ticket loses twenty percent from its waist, which is a considerable deduction for the whole group. The group ticket also beats the single ticket in terms of providing you with companions to go to the festival with.

We offer a separate group pass for adults and 12– to 17–year-olds, that makes accessibility to Intsikurmu’s music, art and nature affordable for different age groups. Take this opportunity to invite your family, friends or even fun acquaintances to come with you to Põlvamaa’s Intsikurmu primal forest park to enjoy some quality time. The moments in which to reminisce in the coming year await.

When you have your tickets purchased it is time to think about where to stay and how to get to the festival. For accommodation we offer tent spots in the camping area or parking for your personal home on wheels in our caravan parking area. For a comfortable and carefree arrival to the festival we have buses departing from Tallinn and Tartu.

The group pass and tickets for accommodation and transport can be found here:






*Applicable for 12– to 17–year-olds with verifying ID.

The ticket prices will go up on the 30th of June.