defunensemble & Ensemble for New Music Tallinn


In Enno Poppe’s one-hour work for 9 synthesizers and 9 computers Ensemble for New Music Tallinn joins forces with the most active group in Finnish contemporary music, defunensemble. Together will be premiered Enno Poppe‘s latest masterpiece of the last decades “Rundfunk” – a voluminous and sonically extremely exciting work.

The word “Rundfunk” itself is associated with both musicians and performance and is like a love letter to the radio medium, which, as the birthplace of electronically generated sounds, had a decisive influence on new music in its current form.

In “Rundfunk”, Enno Poppe deals with the archeology of electronic music, using computers to rebuild lost or difficult-to-program instruments and recompose the typical sounds of 1960-1970s.

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn

One of the leading groups of contemporary music in the Baltic and Nordic region, the ensemble is made of a core of principal members and a larger body of collaborators or guest artists to form a flexibly modular format.

With a growing number of commissioned compositions, a repertoire of over a hundred pieces, and several dozens of original programmes covering various genres and styles of cutting-edge contemporary music, ENMT is developed into a specialised unit. ENMT has performed in many prestigious European venues such as Musikprotokoll Graz, Ostrava Music Days Festival, CrossRoads Salzburg, Warsaw Autumn Festival, Musiikkitalo Helsinki, Unerhörte Musik Berlin, and many more.

  1. defunensemble

  1. Formed in 2009, defunensemble has ashtonishingly fast established themselves as one of the most important contemporary music groups in Finland. The ensemble’s vigorous mission is to systematically delve into the world of electroacoustic music. Defunensemble gives Finnish premieres of the most essential electroacoustic repertoire both classic and current, while simultaneuosly actively commissioning new works incorporating the latest technologies.

  2. With artistic director Sami Klemola the ensemble’s concert concepts have proven to be highly innovative, blending different sub-genres of the electroacoustic persuasion. The musicians and sound desingers of defunensemble are some of the most most active personalities in the Finnish contemporary music scene.

  3. defunensemble has performed at numerous festivals: Tampere Biennale, Time of Music, Musica nova Helsinki, Helsinki Festival, Flow Festival, Klang Concert Series, Crusell Music Festival, Nordic Music Days, dOCUMENTA and many others.