Maris Pihlap


Maris Pihlap is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Estonia. Her journey started out as a promising folk fiddler, but an injury put that dream on hold and led her to an alternative path instead. She taught herself to produce, started writing original songs and refining her skills by remixing other artists’ music.

Maris takes the listener for a journey where traditional music and jazz are effortlessly intertwined with electronic pop production. Some of the most characteristic features of her music are her dark, yet airy vocals, and the bold minimalistic use of the violin.

Her debut-EP “What Have You Become?” released by TIKS rekords (2021) gained immediate attention both locally and internationally, paving the way for a full-length album “The Search for Life Within”. She has released two singles from the new album “Take it Away” and “Off Track”, the latter of which was created in collaboration with Ewert Sundja.