Mahavok is a legendary Estonian pop-rock ensemble whose music continues to be played on the radio and in concert halls. Mahavok first performed in 1982, and the ensemble achieved great success in Estonia and abroad. After a break, Mahavok returned in 2008 and in 2013, they received the Kuldne Plaat award for their contribution to Estonian pop music.

In recent years, several new-generation soloists have performed with Mahavok, but Anet Vaikmaa has become a member of the current Mahavok ensemble. In addition to the main core of the ensemble, Heini Vaikmaa, Raul Arras and Kalev Aas will also be joined by well-known drummers Roland Puussepp and Karl-Juhan Laanesaar.

Mahavok’s repertoire still includes a large part of instrumental music, but old beloved songs are also played. The creative process is still going on and an instrumental double vinyl “Ajarada” will be released soon in honour of the band’s 40th Anniversary, and another album will be released next year!