Els Himma

Friday 04.08 time 22:00 Forest stage

The beloved Estonian artist Els Himma and Tiit Kalluste trio will perform timeless melodies from Estonia and elsewhere and delight the audience with Latin-American rhythms. Els Himma will perform her hits like Uno Naissoo’s “Must mees” (‘Black Man’) and “Ei sa ole see, kes näid” (‘You’re Not the One You Seem to Be’), Boris Kõrver’s “Kadriorg” etc. The Argentinian tangos may come as a surprise to the audience. The singer says that she remembers the tango melodies sung by Carlos Gardel from her childhood. It is just that people junior to her have grown up at a time when it is not common to hear tango music on the radio. Els will sing the tangos in the original language, that is in Spanish, and will do so with extraordinary elegance!