Analogue Quattro

Analogue Quattro are four friends from Sillamäe who play experimental electronic music. They are a spontaneous and improvisational group consisting of Egor, Alex, Roman and Simon.

“In a small town like Sillamäe, everyone knows everyone, and so have we been friends since childhood. We started the band a year and a half ago, and on a daily basis, we are working family people. The musical background accompanied us even before we started with Analogue Quattro because Sillamäe’s music scene has always been colorful and diverse.”

Simon ran a small studio in Sillamäe where they used to have underground jazz nights and all of them have funk, jazz and soul instrumental music backgrounds. In addition to playing a lot of records in Sillamäe back in the 2000s, they continue to experiment to this day. Analogue Quattro is their most recent group that was born from shared joy and interest in electronic sounds.