Alternative area

This year Intsikurmu will bring the newest and freshest artist to the alternative area 

Intsikurmu festival has created a separate alternative area programme for its tenth birthday celebration, that will merge visual art, performance and new Estonian music.

The festival focus is on music, but during the two festival days we have prepared several acts that are new and interesting to all Intsikurmu guests. The emphasis of the alternative area is on different kinds of instrumental music and visual arts that manifest in installations, light and movement. For the first time the festival programme includes a blackbox stage that brings together Nele Tiidelepp’s and Henri Särekanno’s performances, and Joel Väli’s performing arts among others.

The alternative stage programme will bring stark-new acts to Intsikurmu. The programme is curated in a way that no style would reoccur – the stage will host music styles like progressive, jazz, funk and punk. You will witness the likes of dirty-funk flagship band Kõnts and prog-pop spectacle Neon Fir.

“Intsikurmu will make its own cross-section of fantastic new collectives and our aim is to surprise the crowd and spice up their playlists with new artists,” says the alternative area curator Andreas Kübar.

In addition to the alternative stage and blackbox, which broaden the different corners of the world of culture, the alternative area also holds a chess area. The chess area will be created in memoriam of legendary Viktor Kass and it welcomes all players from rookies to pros.