About Intsikurmu Festival

Intsikurmu Festival is a festival of beauty. It is the meeting-place of creativity and kindness for people who care about themselves, their friends and family, our culture, the environment, and art in its different forms. Intsikurmu aspires for quality in everything that takes place on the festival grounds: the light and video installations, the pieces of art, the cafes, the areas for resting and contemplation, and, of course, the music that is in the heart of the festival.

We invite people to turn to the forest park to find themselves and their roots in the
music and the arts. The varied music and art program is warm and therapeutic amid the noise of
everyday. Everything that takes place in the forest park is inspired by the spirits of the great
men Jakob Hurt and Jaan Vahtra. We build our story upon history. We are international and
open, while keeping in mind our local neighbours. We are creating an opportunity to grow and find one’s peace of mind.

Intsikurmu is its people: the organizers, the public, the artists and performers become a
whole in the forest park for the festival and breathe to the same beat. The aim of the festival
is to nourish people’s love for culture, to inspire creative enterprises, and to promote the
values of kindness and consideration for one another.

Intsikurmu is a festival of music and arts where people of different professions who hold
similar values find inspiration for new creative and progressive enterprises. The natural surroundings, good music, great people, high quality food and drinks, aesthetically
appealing festival grounds, special effects – this is the largest festival of good music and arts in
Estonia – Intsikurmu Festival.


• To appreciate art, music, and nature.
• To provide quality music and art for visitors from Estonia and the neighbouring countries.
• To support creative artists in Estonia and to introduce foreign artists to the Estonian
• To present different music genres and therefore broaden the cultural horizons of festival
visitors so that people who like classical music are exposed to street culture and vice
• To engage the local community in the organizing activities of the festival; during the
previous years more than 100 volunteers from Põlva, Tartu, Tallinn, Rapla, and elsewhere
have participated in the organizing activities of the festival.
• To preserve and to value the culture, history, and nature of Estonia. To provide a
contemporary dimension to the Estonian singing tradition.



Intsikurmu festival grounds are a naturally beautiful and inspiring forest park. This is a
festive place with a long tradition; Intsikurmu Festival gives the park a new dimension. The
beautiful forested area that covers almost 23 hectares is a nature reserve. The first Estonian
song festival was held here in 1855 and in 1857. It is a spirited and old festive area where the
towering trees provide a fabulous view and inspire creative ventures.


Intsikurmu Festival grew out of Uue Ajastu Festival (New Era Festival) that took place in Põlva
in 2010–2012. Over the past six years more than 15 000 people have visited the Uue Ajastu
Festival and Intsikurmu Festival; more than 120 artists have performed at these festivals.
The first Intsikurmu Music Festival took place in August 2013 in Intsikurmu Forest Park. The
2014 festival was named “Estonian Positivus” by the Estonian press. In 2017 the festival will
take place in Intsikurmu Forest Park for the fifth year.