How to get here?

By car

It is 231 km from Tallinn to Põlva. The non-stop ride takes 2 hours and 47 minutes. We recommend you to take the historic postal road to Põlva, if you have some time to spare. This scenic road highlights the hill country and provides a beautiful experience. See more at By the way, the most beautiful road passes the Põlva Peasantry Museum and the Estonian Road Museum.

By public transportation
The train
There are three trains from Tallinn to Põlva (with a connection and a change of trains in Tartu) on both Friday, August 4, and Saturday, August 5.
On Friday the train for Põlva leaves Tallinn at 8:05, 14:13, and 15:09; and Tartu at 10:16 and 17:22.
On Saturday the train for Põlva leaves Tallinn at 8:05, 13:03, and 18:10; and Tartu at 10:16, 15:32, and 20:32.
The train back to Tallinn and Tartu leaves Põlva at 7:51, 14:38, and 18:44 on Saturday, August 5, and at 7:51, 14:38, and 18:44 on Sunday, August 6.
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The bus
Buses go to Põlva from both Tallinn and Tartu. More information


Camping site
We have added a new camping site this year. The First Camping Site is on the Põlva Town Stadium and is FREE. There is a security guard at the camping site, but there is no surveillance of personal belongings.

Shower facilities (fee 2€):

Shooting range (address: Metsa 7, Põlva)
Sat 10.00-12.00, Sun 10.00-12.00

Sports hall (address: Uus 5, Põlva)
Sat 9.00-12.00

Sports hall
During the Intsikurmu festival, sleeping places are available on the floor of the sports hall in Põlva Spordikool. Shower facilities are available in the space. Two nights in the sports hall cost 8 EUR. No reservations can be made, availability on the first come first serve basis.

Tree tents
Visitors to the festival can book a stay in the tree tent. The tents that are available fit 2 or 3 people.
In order to book, send an email to

Festival Guidelines

* It is not allowed to bring alcohol to the festival grounds!
* Dogs are allowed as long as they are friendly and on a leash.
* Let’s protect the environment! Please, take trash and bottles to the assigned bins!
* Taking pictures is allowed.
* Let’s take good care of each other; let’s be friendly and considerate of others!

NB! The festival gate opens 1 hour before the first concert begins:

Friday at 14.00

Saturday at 13.00

Attractions in Põlva County